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This feature is available on Enterprise plans. This is not available for legacy Enterprise plans. Want this and other premium features? Update your plan here.

You can sync pages across your styleguides. This is beneficial if you want to align content across styleguides and provide a single source of truth. If you split your documentation for different platforms and products, you can display a core design system documentation in each styleguide. 

Gif showing how to add a synced page

Enable page syncing

Gif showing how to turn a styleguide page into a synced page

1) Click on the ... next to the page name

2) Toggle Page syncing on

3) The page will be added to the synced page library. This means it is available to add to other styleguides in your team.

Add a synced page

Gif showing how to add a synced page

1) In the sidebar, click on the ... next to Add page

2) Choose Add synced pages

3) Select one or more pages from the synced page library – the styleguides are listed on the left

4) The page(s) will be synced to the styleguide you are editing

5) Going forward, these pages will stay in sync with the original page

Make edits and comments

Red arrow pointing to Go to original button

You can only make edits in the original page, in the original styleguide. You can go to the original page by clicking the link in the blue banner (this isn't visible to non-editors who view the published documentation). In the styleguides you have synced the page to, you will see a view-only version of the page.

You can only make comments in the original page.


Who can add synced pages to a styleguide?

Any editors, even if they can't edit the original styleguide.

Why can't I see a page in the synced pages library?

This is commonly due to the security settings of the styleguides, as well as overlooking the inclusion of the page in the default release of the original styleguide.

How does this work with hidden pages?

If a page is hidden in the original styleguide, you can’t “unhide” it in the second styleguide. To have a page be visible, the page must be marked visible in the original styleguide.

What happens if I delete or unsync the original page?

If the original page is deleted or syncing is turned off, the synced page will still display for editors, but the content will be blank. The page will not display for viewers of the styleguide.

How does security work?

You can sync pages between styleguides if:

  • they both use SSO
  • the styleguide with the original page is public

At this time, you can't:

How do releases work with synced pages?

Releases are managed in the original styleguide that the page was created in.

The synced page will always display the default release of the original page. The content is always the same between the two styleguides and viewers would see the exact same content on the pages that are synced.

If the page doesn’t exist in the default release of the styleguide it was created in, you won’t be able to add it as a synced page. Create a new release in the original styleguide to add it as a synced page.

A styleguide page is not an option because it's in the default release

How does page versioning work with synced pages?

The page versions are managed in the original styleguide that the page was created in. If you restore a page to a past version, and it's synced in another styleguide, the past version will be displayed.

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