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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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Leave comments to communicate with your fellow editors directly inside your styleguide. You can also @mention your teammates to get their attention and control your email notifications from the styleguide settings.

Comment added to a highlighted text

Shortcuts anywhere in the styleguide

Previously only available on the cover page, you can now add shortcuts anywhere! Each shortcut tile links to a web URL of your choice and can have an image, title and a description.


Add shortcut tiles through the toolbar.

Multiple releases

"Versions" have been renamed to "releases" and you can now publish more than one at a time. Viewers will see your chosen default release but they can also view previously published releases. Learn more about how releases work.

Styleguide showing previous releases.

External links in the top navigation

You can now add a link as one of your top-level navigation items. Useful for linking to parts of your design system which might be hosted externally!


Menu to add external links in the top navigation.

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