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This feature is available on all Professional and Enterprise plans. Want this and other premium features? Update your plan here.

We support any provider which supports SAML 2.0 SSO. See the guides below for specific providers.

To enable SSO you must be on our Enterprise or Professional plan, please contact us for pricing.

Why set up SSO?

There are a few different use cases for setting up SSO:

Set up SSO

1) In Your Team page under the Security section, click Setup SSO

Setup SSO function in Your Team page

2) In the SSO setup page, you will see the generated SSO ID URL and SSO IDs. Send both the SSO ID URL and SSO ID to your IT team to set up.

SSO set up page with autogenerated SSO ID URL and SSO ID

3) Your IT team typically completes this step. Follow the setup instructions for your SSO provider in our guides below.





G Suite


Other providers

4) Once they have completed the setup, ask your IT team for the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL and X.509 Certificate.

Note: If your IT team sends you an XML file, you will need to extract the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL and X.509 Certificate from it. Ask your IT team if you’re unsure what you should provide to us.

5) Enter the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL and X.509 Certificate in the SSO setup page

SSO set up with filled out Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL and X.509 Certificate

6) Click Setup SSO

7) You have enabled SSO for your account!

SSO enabled page

8) Once you have enabled SSO, editors and reviewers will no longer be able to log in using their username and password. They will need to log in using SSO.

Red arrow pointing to Sign in with SSO

9) If you want to disable SSO, contact support from Your team page

Your team page showing disable SSO function

10) Once SSO is enabled, you should see SSO as an option in the Security section of the Styleguide settings. You can optionally protect your styleguide with SSO.

Option to set up SSO in styleguide

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