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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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You can update both your Figma files and individual design items in zeroheight. You may want to update individual design items if they are currently used in your styleguide vs syncing all of your Figma files. 

Update all Figma files

1) Select the

2) Select Update Figma Filesthree dots menu in zeroheight

Update individual Figma files

1) In your styleguide, select Design Uploads from the toolbar

Design uploads function hovered over in the zeroheight toolbar.

2) Next to your design file, select Update fileUpdate file function hovered over in the design uploads window.

Update design items 

1) Go to Uploads

2) In the right-hand corner of the Figma file you want to update, select Update Items

Update items function hovered over uploaded Figma file.


Does the zeroheight/Figma integration sync all Figma layers?


If I delete a synced file from the uploads folder, is the content removed from my styleguide?

The content will still be in the styleguide, but it will be considered "orphaned" and cannot be updated.

If I reupload a file that was previously deleted, and then I continue to update and sync in zeroheight, will it update the previously synced content?

No, if you reupload your design file, it will import new content altogether. Any content previously in your styleguide will not be updated and need to be readded.

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