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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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Synced pages (beta) update

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the synced pages beta so far and the valuable feedback you have provided! The beta has now been enabled for all eligible teams.

If you don’t have access but would like to trial synced pages on your team you can speak to your customer success manager or contact us for more information.

Gif showing how to add a synced page to a styleguide.

Small improvements and fixes

  • You can now see three levels of hierarchy in the search results: Top navigation > Category > Page which will help viewers to find pages. E.g.  Web > Components > Button vs iOS > Components > Button
  • You can now add a custom thumbnail for attachments. This should be useful for files that don't have an autogenerated preview like PDFs or for when you want to customize the experience to fit your brand. Just hover over the attachment thumbnail to check it out!
  • You can now replace an image without having to delete the block and add a new one. This means styling settings like size and position are retained.
Gif how to replace images in a styleguide

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