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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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Update to the nesting of Adobe XD components

For users of Adobe XD, we now support using an em dash to group and nest components in your design uploads in zeroheight. Previously this was possible by using a forward slash / as part of the naming convention.

Linked Figma components

We’ve just released an update to our Figma integration which allows you to view which components are “linked to” by other components, in line with our Sketch plugin. 

When viewing a component inside the inspect view, you’ll see two new panels (as applicable) on the right-hand side:

  • One with a list of components that the current component is used in
  • One with a list of components that the current component contains

If either list is empty, the panel will remain hidden. Additionally, when hovering over layers in the inspect view, it’ll now highlight any present linked components, and when selected, you’ll be able to click through to the inspect view for that component in your styleguide (if it’s been added to a design upload block somewhere in the styleguide). 

ℹ️ Note: In order for this change to take effect, the Figma file will need to be re-synced.

linked Figma components for a navigation bar in inspect mode

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