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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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You can add status tags to the pages of your design system to show the status of different parts of your documentation. This could be used to display the readiness of a page or stage of the component in its lifecycle. 

Gif showing how to add status tags

Add a status tag

1) Click + Status tag next to the title of your page. It will default to New in green.

2) Click the status tag again to open the dropdown menu.

3) Select the status tag

4) Change the color

👉 Note: If you change the color of one tag, the change will be applied throughout your styleguide.

Status tag options


Can you customize the colors?

At the moment you can only swap between the five options but this may be something we extend in the future.

Can you change the status tag text?

At the moment you can choose from the options provided in the dropdown. This may be something we extend in the future.

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