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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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Figma component properties

For Figma users, we’ve added support for component properties!

You can now upload instances of a component and display component property data in your documentation (these include booleans, instance swaps and text properties).

Check out this article for more information :dizzy:

Figma component properties displayed in zeroheight.

Background color in Inspect

You can now customize the background color for components in the Inspect view.

The background for all components is now transparent by default unless you apply a color background from the design uploads block and toggle on Use as background in Inspect

Settings to change background color in inspect mode.

Custom notes for password-protected pages

You can add a custom note that will appear on any password-protected page. This will enable teams to provide more context for who to contact about page access or why a certain page is password-protected.

Security page to add a note for password protected pages in the styleguide settings.

Status tags

We are excited to launch the Status Tags feature that allows your teams to add the status of pages in your design system. This will ensure your organization knows what’s ready for use in your design system and documentation. You can read more about adding status tags here.

zeroheight page with status tag options.

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