๐Ÿ•ถ August 2022

Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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Anatomy Diagrams

Anatomy Diagrams is available to all zeroheight users! From the inspect view, you can now add important context to your design uploads to help developers (or anyone else) understand exactly how to bring designs to life. Learn more about using Anatomy Diagrams here.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the anatomy diagrams beta, and for the valuable feedback you have provided!ย 

Animated gif showing how to create annotation label

Shortcut tile sizes

This feature is available for Professional and Enterprise plans. This is not available for legacy Professional and Enterprise plans. Want shortcut tiles and other premium features? Update your plan here.

Now, you have even more options for customizing your shortcut tiles. You can adjust the height of your tiles. And you can change the number of tiles that appear in a column.

Weโ€™re so excited to offer more options to make your styleguide uniquely yours.

Learn more here.

Settings to change shortcut tile sizes

Custom colors for Rules block

We are excited to announce that Pro and Enterprise customers can now set their own custom colors for rules blocks.

You can select the colors in styleguide settings or from the block options when you create a rule block.ย  Read more about adding custom colors here.

Settings to customize rules block colors

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