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Here are some quick tips to help your team work smarter, not harder in zeroheight:

Add status tags to your component pages

You can let your teammates know the readiness of your components using status tags. Your teammates can stay informed about new changes to your documentation.

Gif showing how to add status tags

Leave comments to share feedback

You can add comments to text and content blocks to communicate feedback with your team. You can tag editors to notify them and copy links to comments to discuss them outside of zeroheight.

Comment history window

Create anatomy diagrams of your components

Annotate your design uploads directly in zeroheight to convey important information about your components to your teammates. You can save time and effort by directly working in zeroheight instead of creating separate anatomy diagrams with your design tool.

Anatomy diagrams example

Sync pages across styleguides

If you are on the current Professional and Enterprise plans, you can sync pages from different styleguides. This is great if you have standard content that you want to share across styleguides without having to update multiple pages every time.

Gif showing how to add a synced page

Evaluate with analytics and iterate

Measure the usage of your design system with zeroheight Analytics, Google Analytics, and Hotjar. You can assess how people use your design system and improve upon it. This is available for Enterprise plans only.

Page views in zeroheight Analytics

Google Analytics event page

Hotjar heatmap

If you would like to try premium features like synced pages or analytics to improve how you work with your team, speak to your customer success manager or contact us for more information.

Manage previous versions of styleguide pages

You can track changes made to your styleguide pages with Page versioning. You can see, restore, and rename previous versions of your styleguide pages.

Page versioning options


Can editors edit on the same page?

Editors cannot edit the same page of a styleguide. You will not be able to save your work if another person is working on the page.

Can two editors edit different tabs of the same page?

Editors cannot edit different tabs in a page. You will not be able to save your work.

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