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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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Analytics is only available for Enterprise plans and is currently in open beta. It is not available for legacy Enterprise plans.

Accessing zeroheight Analytics

You can access Analytics in the top-level navigation between Styleguides and Uploads. If you have access to some styleguides, you can only see the analytics for those styleguides.


zeroheight Analytic events

The zeroheight Analytics page shows two metrics:

Navigating zeroheight Analytics


  • You can sort ascending or descending for any of the columns
  • You click the page name to be taken to that page in the editor view
  • You can filter to show data for either: last 7 days, last 30 days, last year or all time (default view)
  • If you have multiple styleguides, you can switch between styleguides to view their analytics in the dropdown menu.
  • Logged-in editors and reviewers will not be counted as page views when previewing the design system.

👉 Note: If you currently don't have a name for your styleguide, we recommend naming your styleguide and turning off Display text in the Cover style menu so that a name appears on the Analytics page.

Red arrow pointing to display text function toggled off

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