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The Page rating feature is only available on the Enterprise plan and is currently in open Beta. It is not available for legacy Enterprise plans. Want this and other premium features? Update your plan here.

You can collect feedback from viewers of your styleguide by enabling the Page Rating feature. 

Page rating feature enabled in the styleguide

Enable page rating

1) In the styleguide settings under Enable Page Rating, check the box to turn it on

Page rating section in the Styleguide Settings

2) Once enabled, viewers can give a thumbs up or down for each page.

👉 Notes:

  • If your styleguide is public, anyone with the link can mark pages as "helpful" or "unhelpful”.
  • Admins, Editors and Reviewers will also see the voting component in preview mode can mark pages as "helpful" or "unhelpful”.
  • Viewers of any visible release will be able to mark pages as "helpful" or "unhelpful”
  • Viewers can mark a page as "helpful" or "unhelpful” each time they visit/re-visit

View ratings

You can use zeroheight Analytics to see how the viewers of your Styleguide have rated the content.

Analytics section hovered over

You'll see a column on the Analytics page that shows a Rating (%) for each page. The percentage is calculated as the number of positive votes divided by the total number of votes. Pages without any votes show as a dash (-).

zh Analytics page

Download as CSV

You can download the data from your Analytics page as a CSV file. Click Download CSV in the top right corner.

Download CSV function in the top right corner


If I make a new release of my styleguide, will it reset the page rating percentage?

The page rating percentage is for all releases.

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