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Brienne Wong
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You can add notes to your design uploads in zeroheight, enabling your team to get the information they need quickly.

Add notes

1) After adding your design upload, click add notes

Arrow pointing to Add notes function

2) Your notes will be displayed under your design uploads.

Icon displayed with notes

👉 Note: Your notes will not be displayed if you are displaying your component’s anatomy diagrams.

Search notes

Your notes will appear when you search them.

Icon appears in search result from notes search

Figma descriptions

You can sync your components’ descriptions from Figma if you don’t want to add notes in zeroheight.

Icon description in Figma

Icon description in zeroheight

Customize note text size

This feature is available on all Professional and Enterprise plans. Want this and other premium features? Update your plan here.

You can customize the text size of the design upload notes to have more flexibility with your page layout.

Design upload with different text sizes

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