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This feature is available for Enterprise plans. This is not available for legacy Enterprise plans. Want this and other premium features? Update your plan here.

If you have multiple styleguides for different teams, brands, or products, you can switch between them using the styleguide switcher. Viewers can easily navigate between styleguides and find the documentation they need.

Switch between styleguides using styleguide switcher

Set up styleguide switcher

Contact if you would like to join the beta. They will enable the styleguide switcher for your team. Once it’s enabled, the switcher will be present on all styleguides for a team.


Unhide styleguides

As an editor, you will only see the styleguides you have editor access to. It’s therefore best if a team admin sets up this feature.

You can select which styleguides you want to appear in the list. Styleguides in the switcher are hidden by default. You will need to unhide the styleguides you want from the list.

1) Hover over a styleguide in the dropdown menu

2) Click the eye icon next to the styleguide name to unhide it

3) To check what the viewer will see, copy the share link into an incognito window

You will need to open each styleguide in your team and repeat steps 1-2.

Gif showing how to unhide styleguides

Customize header

You can change the colors of the header in the Header section in the Styleguide settings. The styleguide switcher dropdown will use the font you have chosen for Navigation.

Change header colors in the Header section in the styleguide settings


Above the styleguide’s top bar navigation, you can click on the drop down menu to switch between styleguides.

For SSO and password-protected styleguides, you will need to log in via SSO or enter the password.

Styleguides to switch between


Create groups of styleguides

You can create multiple groups that combine styleguides in the switcher (e.g. linking “Brand” and “Marketing” as a group and “Product” and “Web” as another group).

1) Hide the styleguides that you don’t want as part of a group

Styleguides that are hidden in the switcher

Can I search between styleguides?

No, the search will only work within one styleguide.

What if my styleguide doesn’t have a title?

The styleguide will say “Untitled” in the switcher. We recommend giving your styleguide a name and turning off Display text in the Cover style menu to know which styleguide you're viewing.

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