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Brienne Wong
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New page setting options

Hero image

You can now add a hero image to any page in your styleguide (not just the cover page) to better align your styleguide to your branding. It's a great way to give each page in your styleguide its own visual identity!

Page outline

This new feature makes it possible to turn the page outline on or off. Previously, it was automatically activated if you had more than one heading for a page. So, use your own structure. But remember, the handy outline is still there when you need it.

Discover how to enable both here.

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New options for images

Image lightboxing

We just released image lightboxing to help styleguide viewers see every detail of images. To enable the new feature, hover over an image and enable "Lightbox." Once enabled, viewers will be able to click on an image to see it in greater detail. Learn more.

Add links to images

Images are a bit more powerful and a lot more versatile. Now, you can now add links to styleguide images to direct your viewers to additional information. Find out how here.

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Analytics are Available In-Product

This feature is available for Enterprise plans. This is not available for legacy Enterprise plans.

We’ve added to our Analytics offering for Enterprise customers. And this time, you can see insights without leaving zeroheight. 

Page views will show you the number of times pages in your styleguide have been accessed in the last 7 days, last 30 days, last year, or all-time. Check it out in the new Analytics tab!

To garner even more insight, Enterprise customers can explore events in Google Analytics or solicit feedback and visualize usage with Hotjar.

zeroheight analytics page

Get Viewer Insight with Page Ratings

This feature is available for Enterprise plans. This is not available for legacy Enterprise plans.

In your styleguide settings, you can now enable "Page ratings." When enabled, styleguide viewers will see a simple thumbs up/thumbs down widget that they can use to rate how helpful they found a page. 

To see how your pages rank, head to the Analytics tab. Learn more about using Page ratings here.

Rate styleguide pages using page rating

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