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This October, we announced that we are retiring our legacy Team and Company plans effective December 31, 2022. Moving from supporting more than 20 different plans to just four will allow the zeroheight team to innovate much faster. 

To help customers prepare for the change, we're including answers to frequently asked questions below.

What plans are available to Legacy customers?

Legacy customers can move to any of our current four plans. If customers elect to move to our Free plan, only the team owner will retain edit access and only one styleguide will remain active.

If customers move to our Starter plan, they'll have access to all Starter features including password protection and a custom domain. 

The zeroheight Pro plan includes SSO, Releases, and User permissions. And, the Enterprise plan includes everything in Pro plus additional styleguides, a higher editor limit, and Analytics.

I'm interested in Pro or Enterprise, do you offer trials?

Absolutely! We want you to pick the plan that best fits your team. Just fill out this quick form and we'll get you set up with a trial.

Can I switch to a new plan before December 31, 2022?

Yes! You can switch to our new plans at any time. To switch to Starter, you can head to your billing page and select "Switch to this plan." If you'd like to move to Pro or Enterprise, fill out this quick form and we'll be in touch to start the process. 

My Legacy plan renews before the end of the year, what will happen?

If you don't switch to one of our new plans before your plan renews, we'll convert you to a monthly version of your current Legacy plan. The new monthly version of your plan will expire on December 31, 2022 so you'll need to move to one of our new plans before then. 

The end of my payment term is after December 31, 2022, will my plan retire early?

No! If your renewal date is after December 31, 2022 (for customers who have paid annually), you'll have the option to continue on your current plan until the end of your payment term. After that date, you'll need to move to one of our new plans.

However, if you would like to move to one of our new plans early, we can prorate the cost based on what you've already paid.

What new features will I have access to on my Legacy plan?

We are no longer updating our Legacy plans. Updating only four plans will allow the team to get more out to customers this quarter including:

  • Live preview React components (available on Starter, Pro, and Enterprise)
  • Page versioning (available on Starter, Pro, and Enterprise)
  • A new Github integration (available on Pro and Enterprise)
  • A Slack integration (available on Pro and Enterprise)

Remember: you can make the switch to one of our new plans at any time to enjoy the current features of that plan and upcoming features. 

Are you offering any discounts for Legacy customers switching to Pro and Enterprise plans?

In general, we think our prices are in line with the value our product provides. With that said, we're happy to support Legacy customers with a discount prior to December 31st. So, if you're thinking of moving to Pro or Enterprise, get in touch soon. We'd love to discuss how we can make one of these plans work for you.

Note: We can not offer discounts on our Starter plan.


Will I be charged pro-rated when I switch from a legacy plan to one of the new plans from my Billing page?

Yes, you will be charged pro-rated for changing plans and will not be double charged. If you run into issues or are double charged, contact, and we can manually reimburse the difference.

When switching to the new plan, does the new plan start when our old plan is finished? Will I get a refund for the time that is left on our old plan?

You will change over to the new plan during your normal renewal cycle. Once the contract for the old plan ends, you will be moved over to and charged for the new plan.

For companies on an annual plan, if you update your plan today, the changes will not go into effect until your renewal date.

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