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Brienne Wong
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This feature is available for Professional and Enterprise plans. This is not available for legacy Professional and Enterprise plans. Want this and other premium features? Update your plan here.

You can sync markdown files from GitHub into zeroheight. This will allow you to create documentation in markdown and display it on your zeroheight site.

You can benefit from GitHub features like version control and contribution while still centralizing your documentation in one place. Any updates to the file can be synced in zeroheight.

You must integrate your GitHub account to zeroheight to import markdown files. 

Add repos

1) In the Code Repos tab in the Uploads section, click Add repos

Code repos section in Uploads

2) Select the repos you want to add and click Continue

Select the repo you want to add

3) Your repo has been added

List of repos in the Code Repos section

Add markdown file

1) Click Markdown in the toolbar

Markdown functioned hovered over in toolbar

2) Select the file you want to import

Selected repo in the code repos window

3) You can now see your file in zeroheight

Code repo in zeroheight styleguide

How markdown appears to viewers

Your markdown files will appear as regular documentation to viewers—the same as if it was written in zeroheight.

Markdown files shown the styleguide in viewer mode

👉 Note: We recommend not using H1 headings in MD docs that you sync to zeroheight. In zeroheight, H1 headings are used for the page title. H1 headings in synced Markdown will appear in zeroheight; however, they won’t show in the page outline menu. 

Update markdown file

From Uploads tab

1) In the Code repos tab, click Update items

Sync items function hovered over in the Code Repos tab

From … menu

1) Click Update GitHub Repos

Three dots menu showing the Update GitHub repos function


Do my GitHub repos need to be public?

You can use private repos in zeroheight since you’re importing the markdown files. Your repos do not need to be public.

Do you support HTML written within Markdown files?

We currently don’t support HTML and sanitize it so it may just show up as plain text in the preview.

What flavor of Markdown do you support?

The dialect of markdown we support is commonmark

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