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This feature is available for Professional and Enterprise plans. This is not available for legacy Professional and Enterprise plans. Want this and other premium features? Update your plan here.

You can connect your GitHub account to zeroheight. This will enable you to sync documentation written in markdown and stored in GitHub with your design system site. Learn more about how syncing markdown works here.

When you connect your GitHub account, you can access files from any repository you have access to in GitHub — including both public and private repositories from the organizations you belong to.

Connect to GitHub

From Your Profile page

1) In Your Profile under Integrations, click Connect next to GitHub  

Connect to your GitHub account from the Your Profile page

2) Log into GitHub unless you’re already logged in  

GitHub login page

3) Click Authorize  

GitHub authorization page

4) Your Github account is integrated with zeroheight 

👉 Note: If you join a new GitHub organization after you have connected your zeroheight account to GitHub, you will need to disconnect your GitHub account and then reconnect, ensuring you grant access to the organization in the process.

GitHub account is integrated with zeroheight

From the Markdown block

1) In the toolbar, select Markdown block

Markdown function hovered over in toolbar

2) Click on the block to import markdown  

Markdown block

3) Select Connect GitHub  

Connect to Github from the Impart Markdown window

4) Follow the instructions to connect to GitHub from Your Profile page

5) Now that you’ve connected GitHub, you’re ready to sync your first markdown file.

👉 Note: You're allowed to have a maximum of 5 connected repos with the Professional plan and 10 connected repos with the Enterprise plan.


Who has access to a connected GitHub account?

GitHub accounts are connected at the user level. Only the user who connected their GitHub account can see the repos and the files they contain within zeroheight. Other users within a team will only be able to see files that have been added to zeroheight somewhere.

What GitHub accounts does zeroheight support?

zeroheight supports free, Pro, and Team GitHub accounts. At this time we support GitHub Enterprise Cloud accounts but do not support self-hosted GitHub Enterprise Server accounts.

If I connect my GitHub account to zeroheight, how is it secured?

We use an OAuth GitHub app and limited scopes to enable the integration to function. We do not display the integration token on the front end.

What happens if I connect the repo and then I'm no longer part of the zeroheight account? 

When you connect GitHub to your account, it's only connected to your zeroheight account. If your zeroheight account is deleted, the GitHub connection is made redundant.

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